‘Highway’s’ Story

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Bears are extremely resilient animals that recover rapidly from injuries. A good example of this is seen in the story of ”Highway.”

A cub that was injured by a car was admitted to ABR one September. Observers had reported to TWRA that this cub, with his mother and a sibling, were crossing the road when he was hit… The other cub and the sow made their escape but Highway was immobilized. He weighed 30 pounds, which was a satisfactory weight for his age, but apparently he had suffered a concussion.

Housed in a convalescence pen, he spent several hours sleeping. By nightfall, he was lapping small amounts of yogurt between periods of sleep. After 4 days, he was able to eat applesauce and berries, in addition to the yogurt.

Two weeks later, he was introduced to a small pen with other cubs, and a month after that he entered the “Wild Side,” the large, natural enclosure where he thrived for another 2 months, getting stronger each day.