We are proud to announce that the Blount County Commission voted unanimously to give ABR a 40-acre tract of land adjacent to the current 25-acres on which the facility has been housed.  The additional acreage will provide a buffer zone when we have cubs on site, protecting them from any potential human interference.  Here is an aerial view of the facility, with the buildings, old pens and new pens labeled.  As you probably know, we are not allowed to have visitors when cubs are present, as only the curators can have any contact. Even that contact is extremely limited to avoid habituation.  This is one way that we can give a “tour” to those of you who are interested in our work and who follow our bear cubs.

aerial view of ABR

Here is the ABR facility from above, with structures labeled.

Since our cubs were released, we don’t have bears to tell you about each day.  However, we will try to continue to post stories and photos that we think you will find interesting.  So please, keep checking.  If there is any particular story you would like us to address, please shoot us a comment.  Or if you have an ABR or bear question, ask away and we’ll try to answer.