Hartley Bear Likes Pears

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Hartley Bear is foraging in his Wild Enclosure. He has shown a particular fondness for pears, as this sequence of photos reveals.

It’s morning and Hartley Bear comes down from his tree to find some breakfast.

Hartley finds a juicy pear.

He starts to eat the pear, but remains watchful.

Eating the pear doesn’t take long.

All gone! No more pear – better find another one.

Another pear – and it’s half eaten already.

Hartley Bear goes up to the platform, taking a pear with him.

He has a better view from up here. Has to keep an eye out for that other bear.

Hartley and Sweetie Bear maintain their distance from each other.

Typical of yearlings, Hartley and Sweetie are not socializing like the cubs. They keep their own spaces, and haven’t met “nose to nose” as yet. They may never do that. They take turns eating so that only one of them is down on the ground at a time. Yearlings are basically solitary animals after they separate from their mothers, as they will continue to be throughout their lives.