Good Yearling Bear Behavior

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As he goes about his enclosure at ABR, Tartan Bear is exhibiting good bear behavior. He is a yearling, after all, and has learned how to be a bear during his cub year. One thing he does is to eat at night. The night vision camera recorded him eating peanuts after dark.

Tartan eats peanuts at night, as seen by the night vision camera.
He uses his prehensile lips to pick up a peanut, extract the nut, and discard the shell.
During his nighttime exploration, he passed by The Cubby Pool, but didn’t try it out.
On his daybed at the base of the tree, the arrows couldn’t tell his head from his tail end.
Even closer, it was hard to know which end was which.
Aha! By moving his foot into view, the identification became easier.
When he awoke from his nap, he showed us his chest blaze.
Watching him eat, it’s almost like seeing a bear in hyperphagia! He is a hungry little bear!

Tartan checked out the platform and took a little nap there.
He has no trouble crossing The Tire Bridge.
He is still a bit skittish in the wind, but that is a normal reaction – wind makes it hard for a bear to use the two senses most often used, smell and hearing.
Tartan uses the platform as an elevated sidewalk. Clever bear!

Each day Tartan learns or tries something new. We wonder how long it will take for him to swim in The Cubby Pool.