On June 19th, several wildlife officers who are responsible for licensing facilities that have wildlife onsite inspected ABR  and gave their approval for the renewal of our license to operate the rehabilitation and release  facility.  Before the inspection, we had been told that safety measures must be added.  Specifically, a walkway needed to be constructed so that the curator could move safely in and out of the “crib” area without entering the large enclosures (“Wild Side”).  Thanks to the generous donations of supporters of our capital campaign, and to the volunteers who provided the labor, the walkway was completed before the inspection.  It met with TWRA approval, and will provide a much-needed safety buffer between the curator and bears.  Although we have few bears as of this post, it is only a matter of time until other needy cubs and/or yearling cubs will be in need of ABR and our care.  When that happens, we are ready!  These photos show the work that the volunteers did to construct this walkway.  What a job!  Thank you to all of them!

Almost finished! The walkway will keep curator safely away from contact with bears.