Friends of Smokies are Friends of ABR

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 This is taken from the  email newletter of Friends of the Smokies .  We are most appreciative of the ongoing support we receive from the Friends organization, so you might say it’s mutual admiration.

Friends Cares for Bears

2009 Support for Appalachian Bear Rescue

Bear At Sunset I wanted to share with you a letter that Friends of the Smokies received from Jack Burgin, the President of Appalachian Bear Rescue in Townsend, Tennessee.
Each year, Friends of the Smokies provides financial support to ABR at the request of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  We hope you’ll agree this is a worthwhile cause!
Jack wrote, “This funding will continue to support ABR’s educational outreach activities and our care for black bears in the Park and surrounding areas…As you may know, two retired teachers travel extensively, largely at their own cost, to spread the word about keeping bears (and humans) safe when living around black bears.  We have just received a handful of cubs at ABR…so the season has begun.”