Forage and Play

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The cubs are busy foraging, spending a lot of time looking for, finding, and consuming the food that the curators throw over the fence into the enclosures. But being cubs, they also have to take play (or wrestling) breaks in between foraging sessions.

Lemon Drop forages and peeks out between the branches.
Barley looks around as if to say “Did you call?”
After his real swim yesterday, Hops is back to his favorite drinking tub pool.
Eureka! Hops found a bunch of grapes in the drinking tub!
Two of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #4 stop foraging to dance (?) or wrestle.
More wrestling in Wild Enclosure #4.
In the Hartley House, India Bear is enjoying all the enrichment items that the curators provide.

It’s good to see all of our cubs doing well. Should be interesting to watch them grow and gain weight during hyperphagia.