Boston with wasp nest

Food for Cubs

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Curator Coy is really working on providing natural foods for the cubs.  Just the other day, he found some wasp nests, and very carefully removed them from the surface to which they were attached.  The nests had larvae inside – a protein and fat-rich treat.  The question was: would these little cubs, without a mother to show them, know that they were edible?  And another question: would they know how to get the nutritious treat?The answers to both questions can be seen in the photos below.  Coy had to give them to the TN threesome, since he wanted to observe the reaction.  It would have been impossible to see what the SC cubs in the Wild Enclosure did with them.

Boston with wasp nest

Boston attacks the wasp nest


Boston Bear knew just what to do!  Oscar and Annie Bear didn’t have a chance!

Boston eating

Going, going….

Those sharp claws made short work of the nest….

nest has been consumed

. . . Gone!