Finnegan and Milo Bear

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Today we feature two of the bears at ABR – Finnegan, the three-month-old cub and Milo, the uncooperative fifteen-month-old yearling.  Finnegan is adjusting well to his Acclimation Pen.  Here are some photos of him there.


Finnegan on the steps of The Cub House. This is a very big space for him!


Finnegan plays with his toys in the pen. He climbs and eats all of his food.


He has so much space to explore!

The curators have noticed that Finnegan spends a good amount of time looking out into the Wild Enclosure.  No doubt he is taking in all the smells and sounds.  He will be released out there when he is a bit bigger and stronger.

Milo Bear is still not cooperating with the curators who want to catch him so he can be released into the wild for his second chance.  He is a stubborn little bear who stays up in his tree!


Milo is perfectly relaxed in his tree.

Everyone will be glad when he decides to come down and go into the trap that is loaded with tasty treats.  The curators are very patient, and will let him come down when he is ready.  Hope it is soon!