March 28, 2024 – in the middle of the night, ABR Cub #397 arrived at the ABR Cub Nursery! A citizen in Pike County, KY had found a little bear cub in a ditch on his property. He contacted the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and spent time looking for a mother bear. When none was found, Biologist Tristan Curry rescued the cub and ABR was called. Curator Haley and Exec. Director Dana Dodd met Officer Curry to receive the cub and take it to the UTCVM. The cub is a healthy female who weighs 2.87 pounds. It was 4:00 this morning by the time they reached the ABR Cub Nursery. The new cub took formula and Pedialyte from a bottle, and even was able to lap some from a bowl.
Here is the photo of Cub #397, nicknamed Peeps Bear.

She is tiny and sleepy, but has those sharp claws! Welcome, Peeps Bear!