Eat – Fight- Repeat

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The three little bear cubs at ABR don’t have a specific routine, but what they do have is appetites that lead them to eat often, the wrestling or fighting urge that leads them to engage in fisticuffs of one kind or another, and now and then tiredness that causes them to snooze. For example:

One cub grabs a midnight snack while the other two sleep.
All three are still asleep at 5:20 am.
Wrestling before breakfast is a must!
Must wrestle again! It looks like they’re shaking paws before the match begins.

Oops! Or was it on purpose?
What did you do? It was an accident!
Bourbon Bear hits the berry bowl while his friends wrestle.
Pow! Bif! Bam! etc.
Zoomies strike again!

There’s never a dull moment in Hartley House with our three little cubs!