Cubs in Enclosures #1 and #2

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The ABR bear cubs were engaging in different activities – in Wild Enclosure #1 they swam in their pool and foraged for snacks.

Two of the Beary Triplets getting drinks from the pool.
Blackbeary ignores the Monster Frogs on the safety log in the pool. Sometimes the cubs appear to be afraid of these frogs, but not Blackbeary.
Everybody in the water! The Monster Frogs are gone.
A Triplet is getting ready to murdalize a sapling – this is a favorite cub activity.
The cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 were napping in a pile.

They were really zonked out!
Zooming in on the pile of cubs. It was a hot day and we guess that napping in the shade was a way to keep cool.
Boudreaux is very relaxed and spread out.

Bluebelle Bear may be waking up, but we’re not sure.

After their nap, Bentley Bear is foraging.
Bentley and Bluebelle forage together.
Jessamine is foraging, too.

All ten of the cubs are busy practicing to become big bears. They are doing very well!