The six bear cubs at ABR are doing well, gaining weight, and learning to be bears. Here are some photos to prove it.

Thumper and Flapjack seem to be enjoying their new, outdoor enclosure.

They are foraging in the underbrush.

True to form, their innate destructive tendencies lead them to try and destroy things. Here, Thumper is attempting to rip out the water spigot in the pool.

In Hartley House, Doodlebug wrestles with the baby Not A Polar Bear.

At first, Doodlebug and Tater kept their distance.

But before long, the two cubs wrestled with each other.

And they slept together on NAPB.

They played, trying the climber in their room.

Doodlebug’s climbing skills are improving, and Tater is a good climber.

It seems that they are becoming friends – a good thing for both of them!

The cubs next door, Tamale and Burrito, are getting along well.

They are skilled in the martial arts.

But if things get too rough, it’s wise to run!

We are very glad to see all of the cubs thriving at ABR.