Cubs Being Cubs

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We have a mix of activities today – in both Wild Enclosure #3 and W.E. #4. The days are warm, and the cubs keep busy with various activities as they grow and learn.

Perhaps they are thinking ahead, though we don’t think that is something cubs do, but here Hops and Barley check out a log den.
Meanwhile, Lemon Drop enjoys some spa time by herself in The Cubby Pool.
In Enclosure #4, Bourbon and Cheers visit their Cubby Pool.
Prost is nearby. The three cubs are tolerating each other, but so far haven’t been seen playing together.
Traffic jam on The Tire Bridge! Hops is drinking out of a tire and not moving fast enough.
Cosmo succeeded in moving Hops.
But then Lemon Drop dislodged her brother, Cosmo.

We can’t help but chuckle as we see how the cubs interact with the equipment and with each other. Everyone is doing very well, we’re happy to report.