Marvin and Bonnie Blue

Cubs at Play and “Where’s Woody?”

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Earlier we posted a recent video of the three cubs after they were reunited in the acclimation pen.  Curator Coy has provided some photos of the cubs that show them bonding and forming a “cub family.” This is very good news, as the curators were concerned about Marvin.  They were hoping the three would bond, because it’s much better for little cubs to be with others of their kind.  When Coy moved Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway he was able to weigh all three little bears.  The siblings weighed a little over 13 pounds each, and Marvin, at over 10 pounds, had put on weight as they had hoped he would.  Now reunited, all three are eating well.

Marvin and Bonnie Blue

Marvin (standing) and Bonnie Blue played together.

Marvin and Ridgeway

Marvin and Ridgeway played on the tire swing.

3 cubs retreated

When the cubs sensed the curator, they retreated to the top of their climbing platform.

Cubs retreated together

Coy was glad that they all retreated together!

The fact that all three of them retreated from the human together was a good sign that they are bonding as bears.

Cub food

Feeding time! Coy serves the food as unobtrusively as possible, and leaves.

Meanwhile, Woody Bear is still behaving very much like a wild bear should behave.  Can you see him in this photo?

Woody is hard to see

Look hard! He is difficult to spot.

Maybe this will help you to see him.

Woody in tree

Thank goodness for a zoom lens!

Even more zoom and he seems close.

Woody closer.

There he is, just hanging out in the tree.

He doesn’t come down to eat until he is sure the curator has left the area.  Good wild bear behavior!