Three cubs

Cubs are “Grazing Gourmets”

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Actually, it might be more accurate to call them “gourmands” rather than gourmets, but we think that calling them gourmets sounds more polite.  Bears as a species are gourmands – they tend to eat large quantities (especially at this time of year) and they are not fussy about what they eat.  They will try anything they come across, including many things that might seem gross to us.

As usual, today’s photos show the three cubs engaging in their favorite activity – foraging for food.

Three cubs

The three cubs, foraging for their food.


Finnegan eating chestnuts and acorns.


Finnegan’s face has lost the “cub” look and he seems more like a grownup bear.


Andy, Finnegan, and the fake dead crow, still on duty.

The fake dead crow has successfully kept the real crows from stealing the cubs’ food.  The bears need all the food they can eat!