Cubs and Their Ways

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One of the “T” cubs crosses the Tire Bridge. Note that another cub is snoozing on the resting platform.

The cub crossing the bridge isn’t planning anything unusual, is he/she? No, of course not!

Wrong! There was an ambush/attack, which led to fisticuffs. This is a very common outcome for such a scenario.


One of the cubs (we don’t know whether it was the attacker or the attacked) decides to climb down. This, too, is typical of black bear behavior. Black bears are apt to retreat from rather than confront a situation or another bear.

The other cub soon follows. And so ends the drama. They both go off to forage.

Over in her enclosure,19-month-old Heather Bear relaxes on her platform.

Heather’s next-door-neighbors are Highland, Piper, Nessie, and Angus.

This photo is taken from Heather’s enclosure, although she is out of camera range.

The cubs and Heather are definitely aware of each other through scent, even if they don’t actually have visual contact. All of these little bears are aware of the cubs in the other enclosures, also. Bears’ noses are truly remarkable!