Cubs and Hartley

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It’s time for dinner in the Cub House.

Look how neat and clean everything is!

Here they come! How long will the cleanliness last?

Yummy! Let’s eat!

Don’t need separate bowls. Blackbeary and Beignet share the food (and the mess).

Some fisticuffs to end the meal. Look at the floor!
And look at Beignet! Off they go to the playroom next door.

Out in the Acclimation Pen ……

The three cubs like being under the boardwalk as well as on top of it.

Who can we spot out in Wild Enclosure #3?

It’s our yearling, Hartley Bear, comfy in his favorite tree.

The two female yearlings were missing once again – no doubt well hidden under thickening foliage. See you next time (maybe).