After our last post of sad news, we wanted to give you a more upbeat post to finish the day. Here is a short video of the cubby standoff between Puddin’ and Turnip Bear. Puddin’, you will recall, has been in Wild Enclosure #1 with his sister, Caramel, and brothers Cricket and Sprout. When the population of an enclosure changes it usually takes a few days for them to work out their terms of cohabitation, so it’s not surprising, since Turnip seems to be an assertive cub, that he had a standoff with Puddin’. This short video shows how it went.

We understand that by the next day the four cubs were foraging at the same time, although Turnip kept a bit of a distance from the others. It will be interesting to see how they work out their “world order” and we’ll patiently wait for them to do so. Stay tuned!