Cubby Mayhem

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Now that the three cubs have access full time to the Acclimation Pen as well as Hartley House rooms, there is a lot of mayhem and madness happening. Just look at this from a day or two ago. We’ll start in a room of Hartley House.

Yes? What do you want? I’m busy eating, you know.

The cubs are healthy and getting plump. ( aka Chubbifying).

Plump and healthy cubs have a lot of energy!

Barley plays lumberjack – there goes the climbing log!

Uh-oh! Stuff happens.

A new bridge, thanks to Barley the Lumberjack!

All three made it up to the Firehose Hammock.

Close-up of Hops Bear.

Hops and Barley are in front. Bourbon Bear is in back.

The bitey-face game is a popular one for cubs.

What a cute little munchkin!

After the cubs’ messes are cleaned up (thanks to curators) the little bears resume their activities. They happily attack a rotten log to get at insects. The bridge that Barley created is gone and the pool is back to normal. We have no idea what is next on their agenda. Stay tuned!