You may have heard about a recent, non-fatal bear attack on a hiker in Kentucky.  Bears have been relatively rare in the state, but it seems that they are moving in from surrounding states (VA, TN) that have bear populations.  Of course, this is also the time of year when bears are seen more, due to two factors – yearlings are being dispersed and sent out to find their own territory, and breeding season causes males to be traveling around, looking for females. 

With all the excitement and media publicity, one calm voice was heard, in the person of Alan Sidwell, a state rehabber, who admittedly likes bears.  He said “”Black bears do not attack humans.  They are terrified of humans.  Even a half-tranquilized bear’s going to try to crawl away from you.”

“Black bears eat human food.  They don’t eat humans,” said Sidwell.