Christmas Cubs and Nettles

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The Christmas Cubs in Hartley House are the smallest cubs in the ABR cub lineup. Nettles Bear, who was the admitted shortly before them, is the next smallest. We’ll show you how quickly these little cubs are filling out, now that they are eating the nutritious ABR cub diet.

Nettles, in Wild Enclosure #4 with Rosemary, Sorrel, Sage, and Little Trouble (aka the Fight Club) still doesn’t seek out their company. Nor do they seek out hers. They have developed the habit of taking turns in their enclosure.

Nettles, who is usually up in one of her trees, comes down to forage when the Fight Club girls are sleeping on a ground nest at the other end of the enclosure.

Nettles is a small bear with short, stubby legs. She may remain short of stature. Bears vary in size, just as humans do.

She easily passes the “pear test,” by showing that she is plumping out in all the right places.

A brave little bear, Nettles is deep into Fight Club territory.

Later, after Nettles is back up in a tree, the Fight Club girls are foraging.

Still later, the Fight Club has gone back to bed and Nettles comes down for a snack. This is the system the bears have developed to share their space and resources. It seems to work for them.

The Christmas cubs have no problem sharing their rooms and their resources – after all, as siblings they have shared since birth.

They move around a lot as they sleep, here displaying a unique, pinwheel formation.

As the time for cub releases draws closer, these cubs – little Nettles and the Christmas cubs – will undoubtedly be staying at ABR for a longer period of time, in order for them to grow and gain the size and weight needed to be successful in the wild. Watch this space.