Chicory and Clover

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The two little 6-month-old female cubs residing in the Hartley House are still not socializing as much as we might expect. They get along, but just don’t choose to be together all the time. Maybe they have heard about the social distancing requirements for humans and decided to keep their own social distance?

Just like her neighbor, Chicory is a moving sleeper. She starts on her bed….
….but she soon moves off to sleep on the floor.
She continues to move until she ends up clear across the room.
Meanwhile, next door, Clover played with an apple. (We’ll bet that she ate it, too).
Chicory’s bed exploded and she took the stuffing inside her culvert den.
Clover came to visit Chicory.
Chicory was sleeping, but Clover stepped right into the food bowl.
Clover tried Chicory’s food and then left to go to her own room.

We hope that as time goes on these two little cubs will become good friends, but the choice is always up to them. Watch this space.