Chaos in Wild Enclosure #1

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If anyone was worried about the four cubs in W.E. #1 adjusting to each other, they didn’t need to fret. After a couple of days, the triplets+1 are acting like a family of 4 cubs. All are trying out each feature of the enclosure, and subsequently attempting to demolish everything!


Did you ever see a more innocent face?

Well, this one is pretty innocent, too. He and Angus have become wrestling buddies.

An invention of Curator Coy to amuse last year’s cubs – the “Springy Dinghy.”

Angus was intrigued by this contraption and decided to investigate.

Into the Springy Dinghy he went!

Angus had fun being bounced around.

Another amazing invention by Curator Coy – the Extra-Springy Tree.

Two of the cubs attacked the Extra-Springy Tree, and bent it as much as possible. We can’t help but wonder if it might catapult one out of the enclosure some day!

After the Extra-Springy Tree, the cubs moved on to the murdalization of real saplings. Just what Coy had hoped to discourage.

When Angus Bear gets too close, Nessie blows to tell him to back off.

At the end of the day, peace descends on Wild Enclosure #1, and all of the cubs sleep on the resting platform – the siblings together and Angus nearby.

It didn’t take long for these cubs to become friends. In each of the three enclosures there is a family of triplets and one more cub, for a total of 12 bear cubs. It will make for a very interesting and chaotic season! Stay tuned!

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