Cade and Franklin update

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Here are two more of the ABR yearling cubs.

Cade was the 30th cub of 2011, while Franklin was the 6th yearling cub of 2012.

They have both achieved weights that permit them to be allowed into the Wild Side.  Cubs must weigh approximately 30-35 pounds or more to be released into the large, natural area where they practice their “wild bear” skills, tree climbing, foraging for the food that is thrown over the fence, and interacting with others of their kind in a more natural way.

As we reported earlier, access was granted to the yearlings in the Wild Side Pen, closest to the Wild Side enclosure, but all of the little bears have stayed put in their current culvert dens for now.  They will undoubtedly move out into the larger area as the weather changes during the week ahead.