Breakfast is Served

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Each morning, the curator cleans the pens and then serves breakfast to the bears. It doesn’t take long for the clean pen to become quite messy. After all, it isn’t natural for bears to eat from bowls – they are used to eating off the ground, and that is their favored mode of eating. When they are out in the Wild Enclosure their food is thrown over the fence, so they forage on the ground for it. We’ve never asked, but we suspect they are happier then.

In the Cub House, the five rowdy cubs (aka the Party of Five) had their breakfast together.

Busy Bear Cubs eating their breakfast.
After they eat, it’s out into the Acclimation Pen for playing and eventually napping.

The three cubs in Acclimation Pen #2 also had their breakfast served.

Food bowls all lined up. The cubs, on the platform, will be down soon.

Out in the Wild Enclosure, the three yearlings were being lazy and not ready to wake up quite yet.

The yearlings aren’t ready to get up yet. They know their food will be waiting when they go down to forage.

Back in the Cub House, we pay tribute to the yellow swingy ball. Over the weekend, it was finally brought down by Boudreaux, who then ran out into the Acclimation Pen with the ball.

It will be missed by all, especially Blackberry, who really liked to swing on it.

So now you have experienced Breakfast with the Bears at ABR! Hope you enjoyed it.