Pennsylvania Short on Black Bears

The bear harvest season usually bring a lot of hustle to the Pennsylvania Game Commission employees and volunteers. But this
Posted on December 3, 2007 0

The Feds Have Decided to Step In

After pushes from the wildlife advocates in DC, federal officials have stepped in to review what they call “predator control”
Posted on November 30, 2007 0

Bears Invade a Small Canadian Town

Whistler, Canada cannot say when their bear problem got out of hand, but it obviously is. What used to be
Posted on November 29, 2007 0

Rocky and Miracle Moving Out

Rocky and Miracle went home to Arkansas yesterday. Rocky weighed in at 136.0 pounds…a long way from 11 pounds when
Posted on November 29, 2007 0

Holiday Shopping Made Easy

The new Holiday Gift campaign is up and running, and it couldn’t be any easier. The way it works is
Posted on November 26, 2007 0

Bear Release!

Tom Faulkner, a board member since 1989, lead today’s release of a bear from the ABR facility in Townsend,TN. Upon
Posted on November 15, 2007 0