Yum yum! I love apples!

In March, we wrote about our first 2011 cub, little Bobby Bear, who arrived at ABR weighing just over 3 pounds.   Just look at Bobby now, after a couple of months of TLC (and lots of good food) at ABR.  This photo was taken just a few days ago.  As you can see, the cubs are now eating fruits and other produce in addition to the formula that they still require.  Mother bears nurse their cubs throughout the spring and summer, so our orphans must continue to receive the milk replacement formula.  The 6 of them are drinking 3 gallons of formula per day!  Kinda like teenagers!  This is what is making them healthy and strong.  Please keep the donations coming, because this formula is expensive.  Big bear hugs and thank yous to all of you who have donated to ABR and our cubs!