Bears-Night and Day

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Our cubs and yearling have their own ways of spending their time at night and in the daylight hours. Though they are all bears, they have different ideas about what to do and when.

It’s late at night and members of The Hartley House gang are awake and playing.
It’s morning, and the Hartley House cubs are playing (still, or again?).
It’s late at night and the sisters in the Red Roof Recovery Center are asleep.
In the morning, the sisters try out the swingy ball and play with their big “not a polar bear.”
The triplets, our newest residents, are settling into the Acclimation Pen.
In the morning the triplets rest on their platform, and watch the outside enclosure.
Our sensible yearling, in Wild Enclosure #4, snoozes on his platform.

Things will be changing soon. The curators are preparing Wild Enclosures #1 and #2 for cubs. Raven and Chickadee Bear are scheduled for Acclimation Pen #2, as soon as the triplets go out into the Wild Enclosure. The hyperactive cubs in The Hartley House will go out into Acclimation Pen #1 and then into Wild Enclosure #1. Within a few days, all of the cubs will be outside in a Wild Enclosure where they will spend the rest of their time at ABR. Sparks will stay right where he is, until he has bulked up enough to return to the wild. Watch this space!