Bear Release!

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Tom Faulkner, a board member since 1989, lead today’s release of a bear from the ABR facility in Townsend,TN. Upon arrival, the cub only weighed 12 lbs. Six months later he weighs a very healthy 126 lbs, although ABR’s goal weight is only 75 lbs.

The other side of the fence

Bears come to ABR for several reasons. Many are orphaned because their mother has been taken by a hunter or hit by a car. When this happens the cubs an become injured and sick.

The bears for ABR cares come from all over the southern states. Today’s bear was from South Carolina, and other bears in the enclosure are from Arkansas and Georgia as well as from the Smoky Mountains. All of the bears that are from other states are returned to their original habitat.

Although bears come to ABR all year round, a primary focus is to have the bears ready by their hibernation cycle. That way they can wake up in the spring ready to go in their old environment. Even after 82 bears, ABR maintains a success rate of 100%. Today’s release is another testament to ABR’s dedication to successful rehabilitation. In only six months this bear is ready for his second chance, and ABR was happy to give it to him.

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