Where am I?
I guess I have to wait and see…..

At 2:10 this morning (July 7th) a TWRA officer brought cub #8 to ABR.  He/she (don’t know yet) was found as an orphan in Carter Co, TN.  If on inspection the cub proves to be a male, he will be called Carter. 

As you can see, this little one is about the same size that the Triplets were, when they were admitted.  Cubs in the care of ABR tend to grow and put on weight faster than cubs in the wild, even though the wild cubs are with their mothers.  Of course the reason for this is that in the wild, the berries and other fruits are not readily available yet, while at ABR the cubs are feasting on a variety of fresh fruits and berries along with the formula and yogurt.  Now that we  have 8 mouths to feed, and 8 tummies to fill, we must ask for your continued monetary support to purchase these foods.  And once again, we thank you for your generosity.