Another Set of Triplets!

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It’s hard to believe, but ABR admitted another set of triplet cubs on December 6, 2022! Two Park Wildlife Rangers who are familiar to us, Ryan Williamson and Greg Grieco, brought us these little cubs after their mother was hit by a car on Highway 441 in the park.

ABR Cubs #364, #365, and #366 shortly after arrival.

Although they are almost 11 months old, these cubs are very small. (Nettles Bear will no longer be the smallest cub in residence). They are going to the UT Vet School for their intake exam, and we will learn their weights as well as their genders at that time.

New cubs: CranBeary, Peppermint, and Mistletoe Bear are in the Hartley House at ABR.

We will know more after their exam.These three are the fourth set of triplet cubs for ABR in 2022! As you know, the others are getting close to their release dates. It seems that we will be in the cub care business during the winter this year! Stay tuned.