Another Moving Day

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July 4th was truly Independence Day for the three bear cubs in Acclimation Pen #2! They left the pen for their Wild Enclosure – a big adventure. This release was easier than that of the Party of Five with no unforeseen incidents. The curators simply opened the gate, and the cubs went out. No one was surprised when little Dandelion (the smallest of all the cubs) was first out the door.

Dandelion may be small but she’s mighty – and totally unafraid of new adventures.

Less than a minute later, Jessamine went outside.
Bentley followed the girls a minute later, taking a shortcut to get to the door quickly.
Out he went into the sunshine.
Jessamine Bear was soon resting by a tree.
Dandelion rolled in the underbrush.
She looked like a happy little cub.
Dandelion climbed a tree. She looks very small on the tree.
Bentley and Jessamine climbed up another tree. Unsurprisingly, they climbed up high.

Now all of the ABR bears are out in Wild Enclosures, where they will stay for the remainder of their time with us. We’re sure they are happier now that they are no longer so confined. They can climb, forage, swim, and hide in underbrush. A bear cub paradise.