Another Day With the Cubs

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As the days go by, and the ABR cubs are still eating and sleeping, there isn’t a lot of “news” about them, but we’re sure that you enjoy seeing the latest photos, just as we do.

Here is the chonky Angus Bear. He is very plump and fit!

Angus and the rest of the cubs in his enclosure, alternate between sleeping on the platform and on their ground nests.

Yearling Heather is in the enclosure next door to those cubs. She also shifts her sleeping place, alternating between the resting platform, her ground nest, and sometimes on the branch of a tree.

Here is Heather from another camera view.

And here we can see Heather’s enclosure as well as the Enclosure #1 cubs in their enclosure.

Wild Enclosure #3 has cubs that favor ground nests, as pointed out by the arrows.

Rosemary Bear, a member of the Fight Club, sleeps on the platform in Wild Enclosure #4.

The others in the Fight Club are nearby.

Here is Little Trouble, a Fight Club girl.

Apart from the Fight Club, Nettles Bear sleeps in her tree. She comes down when she feels safe, to eat the bounty of acorns that the curators leave for her.

With the gates left open, all of the cubs (except Nettles) go in and out of their Acclimation Pens to eat. Their familiarity with the pens will make it easier for the wildlife officers to capture them when the time comes for their release.

So far, the female cubs in Enclosure #4, including Nettles, have not made contact with each other. The Fight Club girls seem to be afraid of Nettles, as she is of them. Remember that bears are skittish and nervous about changes in the familiar routine, so It’s hard to say if or when their situation will be resolved.Watch this space.