Amusing Video of Two ABR Bears

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Actually, Lucinda’s part of this short video is not particularly amusing, but Finnegan is downright funny as he hollers for his food.  The cub is seen out in his Acclimation Pen, and when he hears the curator approaching (that means food to him) he starts to call for it.  As we saw in the last post, he will go right up to the door into The Cub House, where he eats, and as soon as it opens, he scoots inside.  In this video he is outside, hears the curator, and starts to vocalize.  Then we see him inside, chowing down.

Lucinda Bear is not vocal as she eats.  She has started to show displeasure at human interference, though, by the typical blow-and-swat method that bears use to communicate their dislike of people.

Click here to watch this delightful video of our little cub and our newest yearling arrival.