ABR is now caring for ten bears – four yearlings, soon to be released, and six cubs who will be with us for several months. Though TWRA is still looking for Tater’s sibling, they have not been able to find or capture the elusive little cub. Time is running out. The curators had hoped to start the deworming medicine for both cubs, but have started Tater on the treatment now, so he will be able to join other cubs in residence.

Tater sleeps on Not A Polar Bear. We imagine the soft stuffie is comforting to the little orphan.

Greenery has been added to his room, to make him feel more at home.

This is his other room in The Cub House.

Doodlebug, Tamale, and Burrito Bear sleep together, sometimes in the den and sometimes out.

The Cubby Pool in their room is still in good shape, unlike the one their neighbors destroyed!

Speaking of their neighbors, Thumper and Flapjack sleep together and wrestle while sleeping!

Then they fight in their firehose hammock! What ruffians!

Look at handsome Lovey Bear!

He has grown into a handsome yearling!

ALMOST all of his winter fur is gone. He has one more patch to lose.

HRH Rover is thinking (we assume from his thoughtful pose). He’s doing well.

These feet belong to Townsend Bear.

His friend, HoneyBunny, has the long legged look of a yearling.

As we can see, all of the bears, cubs and yearlings, are thriving. The yearlings will soon be ready for release. Watch for it!