All Doing Well

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Checking out the cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 – we are amazed that we managed to get all five in one photo!

Count ’em – there they are, all five!
Chickadee surveys the enclosure from her perch on the platform. Note the sitting position that is very human-like.
Downy munches some peanuts.
Raven-enjoys some time in the Cubby Hammock.
A skillful dismount from the hammock.
Wild Enclosure #1 cubs – Ferdinand, Tweetsie, and Dumplin’ ready to go down to lunch.
Ferdinand has a nice, shady spot.
Tweetsie found a nice, red apple.
Sparks Bear, in Wild Enclosure #4, rests in his favorite spot.
From Acclimation Pen #2, Sunflower spots a future roommate outside.
Chicory, in Acclimation Pen #1, climbs the pole to the upper levels.

Chicory and Sunflower are about to have a change of scenery, as they will be released into the Wild Enclosures very soon to join the other cubs. Watch for this new development!