As you know, Doodlebug Bear is the smallest and has been  the most worrisome of the cubs at ABR. In late April she arrived with a congenital umbilical hernia, which would have killed her in the wild. The veterinarians at UTCVM repaired it, and she has been on supplemental medication, fluids. and sodium to keep her stable. It took time, but she started eating more, and gradually those supplements were withdrawn. The tiny cub is now eating, sleeping, and playing like any normal cub would be expected to do. Yes, she is also leaving “tips” for the curators, proving that her plumbing is working well! The curators are starting to think of her as a normal cub! Here are some recent pictures of this little bear.

Doodlebug is improving every day!

Everyone is pleased with her progress!

The tummy surgery is healing well.

Her fur is growing back.

She likes to wrestle with her stuffies.

Her curiosity leads her to investigate the Recovery Center.

She tires herself out, and returns to her Cub Cave for R&R.


We are happy to share this good news about our smallest bear! It seems that her prospects for a second chance have improved greatly!