A New Arrival!

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On August 19th, a new arrival came to ABR.  This cub, Bear #266 nicknamed Apollo in honor of the upcoming eclipse, was injured crossing a road with his mother and sibling.  Taken to the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, he was found to have suffered a broken right front leg.  Apollo had surgery to repair the breaks to his radius and ulna and then was transported to the ABR Red Roof Recovery Center.  This building was completed recently to house injured cubs that must be restricted from climbing.  Here is the pictorial story of Apollo’s visit to UTCVM.


Apollo Bear arrives at UTCVM.


Dr. Morrison and her team examine the cub.

Apollo x-ray

Preparing to x-ray Apollo Bear.


Taking the x-ray


The image shows two broken bones.


Dr. Morrison prepares a splint for Apollo’s leg.


Wrapping the splint onto the leg.

Coy - Apollo

Curator Coy takes measurements.

Apollo Bear spent the night at UT.  The next morning he had surgery to install a plate in each of the broken bones – the radius and ulna.


This post-surgery x-ray shows the plates in the bones.

After surgery, Apollo was transported to ABR.


Apollo Bear in the Red Roof Recovery Center at ABR.

This pen is designed to keep an injured bear from injuring himself further by climbing.  He will spend a few weeks here, until he heals.