A cub “family”

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People often wonder how we can keep orphaned cubs “wild ” when they are being cared for by humans.

The answer is that we create “cub families” for these little bears who have lost their original bear families of mother and siblings.

Do you remember Garland, an orphan who was rescued just before Christmas last year?  Here is what we wrote about him when he first came out of convalesence and was introduced into the Pink Palace, with other cubs.

Now just look at Garland (on the left) along with his “cub family” – Autumn, Sky, Grayson and Gracie (in the back) as they snuggle in their culvert den for warmth on these cold days.  All of the cubs  — actually yearlings now, are staying in their dens for longer periods of time these days; coming out for brief periods to take in that much-needed nutrition, and then retreating to the den for warmth and comfort from their “family.”