There are six cubs in Wild Enclosure #3, and for some reason, all of them want to sleep together on the smallest section of the resting platform! We are reminded of the song about ” five in the bed, and the little one said…”

They all climb up to the small “bed.” Will they all fit?

They squished in together, but then…

…as in the song, “one fell out!”

The firehose bumper saves the cub from falling all the way down.

“Move over so we can all fit.”

There! The squish of cubs is fixed. It’s still a very crowded bed!

Meanwhile –

Brothers Cricket and Sprout forage together.

Cricket discovered the bouncy tub. What fun!

Caramel shares their enclosure, but it seems that she keeps her own space, not associating with the boys.

Clever girl, she props an apple against the tree to keep it steady while she chomps!

A peanut shower is a phenomenon seen occasionally at ABR. It is well-received by the resident cubs.

Nugget will probably go down to take advantage of the shower.

Tater takes a nap.

His adopted sister, Doodlebug, joins him. They are as close as real siblings would be.