A Blustery Day

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What do bears do on a blustery, windy day? Mostly they sleep. Bears don’t like wind because it interferes with their two most important senses – smell and hearing. So bears avoid it by climbing a tree. We might not think that is a good choice, but we aren’t bears. Remember – to a bear, trees = safety. So up the trees they went. When they did come down, the cameras recorded their actions.

CranBeary sat contentedly in the sunshine.

His siblings were nearby.

Later, his brother and sister went to visit CranBeary’s den. But he wasn’t there or didn’t let them in, so they went elsewhere.

Peppermint washed her head with the branches of a Christmas tree.

Then they played and wrestled among the trees. What fun!

CranBeary didn’t join in, though he was nearby.

The curators scattered peanuts in the Acclimation Pen, to give the bears a place out of the wind.

They came in to snack.

The three yearlings spent the night together outside the pen.

Nettles, next door, was nervous because of the wind. She didn’t stay down from her tree very long.

CranBeary came to his den in the morning.

He went inside and slept for a long time.

The yearlings are sleeping longer and longer every day. Will the day come when they simply don’t come out at all? Stay  tuned to find out!