2 More Cubs – Now there are 10!

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On July 22nd, wildlife officers from Arkansas brought 2 female cubs to ABR,  bringing the current population to 10!  That’s a lot of hungry mouths to feed.  You’ve heard the saying “hungry as a bear,” it is certainly true when applied to growing bear cubs.  Each of the new cubs came in weighing about 12 pounds, but with ravenous appetites they will gain weight rapidly.  The picture below shows another large group of cubs that we rescued in 2006.  Those cubs were released and are now somewhere out in the forest. 


Cubs foraging for their food

Cubs foraging for their food

The current 10 will be ready for release in the fall, when 5 will go back home to Tennessee, 2 will go home to Louisiana, and 3 will return to Arkansas.  But until that time we must continue to provide the foods they need to grow.  At present, they are devouring 3 pickup truckloads of fruits and vegetables each day! 

Please help us with a generous donation.  You can donate online.  It’s easy!  Just click https://appalachianbearrescue.org/donations.htm to make your contribution to the 10 orphaned cubs in our care.  Thank you!