2 Cubs Leave, 2 Cubs Arrive

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Just last week, the 2 Louisiana cubs that have been at Appalachian Bear Rescue since March went back home.  Louisiana wildlife officers performed a final workup and fitted them with ear transponders  before releasing them.   A few days later, the LA officers admitted another orphaned and underweight cub, a 25-pound female  that will spend the winter at ABR.

Meanwhile, a yearling was struck by car in Unicoi County, TN.  He was transported to ABR.  Because he has a head injury as a result of the accident, he needs R&R time.  ABR will provide that necessary rest,  and since he is seriously underweight, we will also see that he packs on the pounds before he is released.

As you can tell, our cub count remains the same.  We still have 14 cubs.  All of them are eating voraciously, gobbling down the acorns, hickory nuts, and apples that schools and individuals have collected for them.