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Appalachian Bear Rescue

The cubs are awake and active! ... See MoreSee Less


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You can name Appalachian Bear Rescue as the charity recipient for Amazon orders through Amazon Smile and it won’t cost you anything!

People have told me I’m a real bear when it gets hot. Apparently they’re wrong. These girls have no problem expending lots of energy!! Do they get cold watermelon?

I love these little cubs. Thank you ABR for all the hard work you do!

Thank you for all of your time, Janet! Are Viola and Willow about the same size? Clementine really looks like a giant compared to the two littles.

Janet is trying to get us ready for cub withdrawal. . .

Fun to see how much personality the cubs have! And how much standing up they so

I don’t want to imply that this is easy, I know it’s hard,but it’s got to be a special job.

ha! my summer game is all bear yearling! #EatSleepStayHidden <3

Ha, ha, ha...Willow dropped on that rubber mat, she fell off the ball.

These are the cutest little sweet bear cubs ever...thank you for everything you do to help them!

Willow is killing me with that belly!

Oh, oh, batteries have been re-charged!

Hard to tell the difference between them now

Do the curators have any ideas any viola always scratches her bottom on the chain link fence while eating?

how will the cubs know what to eat when they are released? even though you teach them how to forage for food, they've not had their mothers to teach them what to eat.

You all should ask Miley Cyrus to authorize playing if her song when Viola is swinging 😉 I am sure she would get a kick out of it!

I had the same issue, too, Karen. You have to use their full organizational name

The Three Bearnados look pretty laid back today. Must be that yummy lunch!!

Do the cubs eat the lizards and critters that they have played with in the AP?

Has Willow figured out the honey food log

Clementine and Viola at it. Ding, ding, ding...

Show the other curators how to go live on fb too! 😉

Looks like Willow & Clementine are wrestling in the sen

Is that Clementine by the blue ball

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14 hours ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

This hot, humid afternoon, with storms moving through, finds our five residents conserving energy. Even the Triple Threat are resting on their platform. Magnolia and Bumble are asleep in their favorite trees. Hope you are enjoying your afternoon as well. ... See MoreSee Less

This hot, humid afternoon, with storms moving through, finds our five residents conserving energy.  Even the Triple Threat are resting on their platform.  Magnolia and Bumble are asleep in their favorite trees.  Hope you are enjoying your afternoon as well.Image attachmentImage attachment


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Oh, I love that “Triple Threat” so appropriate

I just went onto Amazon and ordered some items on the wish list. They will be heading to Tom Faulkner this week.

"Triple Threat"....Love it!!

I want kisses from these babies!!

ABR you're all soo amazing! Thank you for sharing all your posts, videos of the yearlings, cubbies.Theyre soo very much appreciated, thank you All.😀🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻💙💛🧡💚💖💜

Gives the Curator’s some time to rest 😊🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻

Awesome ABR, ! Thank you for all the Updates on the thank you for Sharing the posts, the updates, and giving these precious cubbies the care they need to return back to the Wild!😀💖💚🧡💛💙💜

Sent items from the Amazon wishlist. Thank you for caring for these growing bears!

?just donated but hasn’t changed the number who donated. Hope you received it!

I still don't know how they can fall asleep in a tree! Amazing!

Staying in, staying cool 😎. Yay, good afternoon in progress at ABR 👌🏼

So adorable <3

The Triple Threat! Lol!!! 🤣😆🤣

i can't say i blame them. it is just hot!

Poor hot babies 💜💜😓😓

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18 hours ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

It has been an eventful weekend in Acclimation Pen 4. Friday began with ABR 272 (Willow) being released from the Cub House into the pen with ABR 268 (Clementine) and ABR 269 (Viola). By Friday night, the three still seemed to be at an impasse. Willow continued to make friendly overtures to both cubs. Clementine began to tolerate the new cub, but continued running back to Viola who was not budging an inch. Saturday morning found the cubs laying near one another on the platform, but unkind words were still being exchanged. Then, everything changed. After arriving back at the office, within 30 minutes, all three cubs were observed playing and sharing food out of the food wheel with no conflict. Cubs at this age are very social and playful. Any offenses are quickly forgiven and forgotten. We're not sure when the peace treaty was signed, but we're glad everyone is getting along. It has been non-stop play since yesterday morning. The cubs are determined to wreck everything in their pen.

Meanwhile, our other residents are all about conserving energy. ABR 270 (Magnolia) and ABR 271 (Bumble) spend their days napping in trees or just enjoying life by the pool. Magnolia and Bumble are growing and beginning to look like healthy yearlings.

As enjoyable as it is to watch our cubs play and our yearlings taking it easy in their enclosures, we must remember that our goal is to return them to the wild where they belong. Thank you for helping us accomplish our mission.
salsa4.salsalabs.com/o/51586/donate_page/donate?track=Website_Donate_Page_Link (JD)
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I get the feeling that Magnolia will soon be headed back to Louisiana, followed in the not-too-distant future by Bumble B. heading home.

I absolutely love the posts!!! I look forward to seeing updates on the bears.

So happy that Willow has been accepted by the bearnados! Just as you predicted. Love learning about bears through your informative & amusing posts.

Oh lord, I love these bears. Happy Fathers Day ABR💕

Poor Clementine has been in that pen for a long time. First, she had to wait for Viola, then Willow. I look forward to them heading into the Wild Enclosure very soon.

Good pictures AND writing as always.

I knew Viola would master her Miley impression. Thank you for this pic, she is adorable. Cute little wrecking 🐻

I knew once the "dust" settled, the three would be partners in "crime"!! They are so adorable!!! I don't blame Magnolia and Bumble B for lounging, it's HOT !!! Everyone stay cool!!! ❤❤❤🍦🍨

So grateful for a peace treaty! They are so dang cute....Thanks for all you do for these precious little rascals!

So glad the three of them signed a peace treaty! Having playmates will keep them busy and entertained. ❤️🐻

I am very happy the tiny ones are getting along, and that the yearlings have truly acclimated to the surroundings. Thank you for your updates.

LOL lots of shenanigans with these little chubbiffying cubbies... they remind me of the Gremlins 😜😜😜💖🐻🎀🐻🎀🐻☀️🌿🌲

Happy Father's Day ABR....Enjoed this report...glad peace treaty was negotiated and executed.....

I've been following ABR for a few years now and I have learned to have a lot of respect for cub Moms! They must have their paws full 24/7!!! Lol! What a rowdy little animal!! I've seen it live in action hiking in the Smokies a few times. The moms seem to always have to stay on top of them! Love these little guys!!!

Thanks for the heads up re Magnolia and Bumble. They didn't spend as much time on camera, but I always feel their presence on site. Reminds me not to get too attached. Will be fun to watch the Three Bearnados out and about, like the CherryOs.

Glad to hear the little ones are getting along and doing well..👍

Happy they are all doing so well!🐻😀

Sounds like Magnolia and Bumble are ready for the Mountains!❤🐻❤🐻

They are so cute all playing together. What a job you have.. and I don't mean an easy one. Full range. Thanks for all your work in the world. <3

Happy to hear that there is peace once more among the cubs! Now maybe they can enjoy each other in playtime! Glad Magnolia and Bumble B are taking it easy in this hot weather! All is well at ABR for now!

Happy all is well on the home front. I am sure your Friday was stressful along with the 3 cubs not knowing how they would do. Oh... My heart! ❤️🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻

What a trio! They sure are keeping us entertained while getting on with the business of chubbifying and developing all sorts of skills which they will need when they return to the wild. Viola swinging on the ball also reminded me of the song by Sia "I'm gonna swing from the chandelier". 😍

Anne, kind people helping animals. Follow-worthy.

Little sweeties, so happy they have each other and of course ABR

They need a loose ~roll around ball~ so they can lay on their back and do circus tricks.. 🙂 <3

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2 days ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

Cubs in Action! ... See MoreSee Less


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Hopefully, we'll get to see them in the Cubby Pool, a la Noli, Sola, Carter, and Marvin, although neither Sola nor Marvin ever got in the pool.

When I worked at the Park Vista Hotel, we had a bear family that would play on our swing set and one cub used to like to go down the slide

I just donated 20 bucks...everyone who's watching let's donate some money! Thanks for all of the work you guys do. I just love watching the bear cams. ☺️

I’m so thankful that ABR is able to reach out across so many states to help so many black bears 💗💜💗💜💗

How did the Peanut Appeal turn out? Is it still on?

Amazing! Just last week we were worried about Willow surviving and now look at her!

Should there be "bed rails" on the deck? It looks like it could be a danger if they begin playing - and is that a concrete floor?

The tree looks relieved..😆😆😆

It is almost like the platform incident provided a little trauma that they all went through together and bonded.

Louisiana watching...How's Magnolia? Has she gained any weight?

Soo happy to see Willow with Clementine and Viola, hoping they're getting along better than yesterday. Soo glad that they have each other for company. Cant wait to see them in a Wild Enclosure, that'll be really interesting. Thank you for everything your doing for these cubbies on their Journey back to the Wild. 😀🐻🐻🐻💙💖💚💜💛💗

Well, they thought Willow was a Yankee , being from Ky

Oh my the pure cuteness x's 3... I see that the cord to the honey logs continue to be a source of irritation..

Are bears at risk for heat stroke like humans, I mean I know they are outdoor creatures but with limited water options in this enclosure...

Thank you for your wonderful commentary. I met you in March with the group from the bear conference. I’m home in Alaska now. One of our favorite moms has just separated from her three yearlings in case you are interested in timing in Juneau.

They are just wrestling up a storm!! Very busy. All fears from yesterday seem to be banished! Watching in southeastern Michigan!!

Do bears eat bamboo shoots. I sometimes take my bamboo shoots to the Knoxville zoo. They freeze them and give them to various animals. It's like popcicles for animals.

When I’m not watching this I watch Harley Thomas white from Virginia. He recaps birds 🦅 from owls 🦉to eagles 🦅 and water fowl.

An old legend says that a visit from a cardinal is a deceased loved one coming to check on the ones left behind. Maybe that cardinal is Willow's brother.

Thank you Curator Janet for that delightful video and the information you gave throughout. About bamboo shoots - I know captive Asiatic black bears (aka moon bears) love bamboo shoots. 😋

How is the wild food supply (soft mast?) this summer? And when will you know if the hard mast will be decent this autumn?

Thank you for letting us see that they are good together now.

I can hardly see Viola place on her neck,its looking very good.

They need a sprinkler to run through

How are the Tree-Os behaving today.

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2 days ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

Well, well, well! Sometime during the night, Willow, Viola and Clementine decided to be friends. It might have been the moment when they were on the platform behind their Log Den and sent it crashing to the floor. Turns out, a crashed Log Den makes for a superior toy. Viola came down to eat and play. Though she’s still a little leery of Willow, all is well in The Cub House. We’ll post another update late this afternoon.

Thank you for helping us help them. ❤️🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻
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I would add The Tiny Adorable Troublesome Trio.

Is Willow still keeping a little apart?

I would love to see the video of when the log den crashes to the ground! I’m thinking the 3 of them bonded over that frightful experience. And that last picture of Clementine and Willow...they look like they’re at the water cooler having a conversation!! 😂 I’m betting that they go through at least 2 more trees before they vacate their current home!!

Glad no one was injured and they are socializing, slowly but surely.

Its so great to see clementine doing so well sge has grown so much sense the day we was in the tree together

So glad viola is moving off the platform. I was a little worried. I think she will be ok as long as she has Clemintine. All new & all is good. So happy for that. Yeah the three bandits continue!!!❤❤

After they decide to check out room service will have their hands full cleaning. I can hear it now Clean up in aisle 3

I couldn't wait to see this news this morning! Good job on playing nice girls!

awe that is some cute little bear cubbies!! Nothing better than making new friends. Great job ABR!!!

New (x infinity) Poor Tree doesn't stand a chance now! So happy they are all (nearly) friends. 💖😍💖

I can only imagine what their area is going to look like tomorrow morning. Those three are going to have a blast once they're in the wild habitat! Looks like the original duo are playing and Willow is doing her own thing? Can't wait until they're all playing together!!!

Bless their hearts. They have a hard time with the normal accessories but always find a way to play. So glad they seem to be getting along better.

Oh to be able to watch those cameras - lucky Curators; the terrible “2’s” bear style, but our “3” in this case....😘😘😘🐻🐻🐻

Well, that didn't take long to become friends and create a ruckus!!😉😉❤🐻❤🐻❤🐻

She’s probably been missing her brother and now she has two sisters!

So happy they are becoming friends. They all need each other for mischief and fun.

Looks like they had a good time. Playing and getting to know each other. Just a little excitement when that tree fell.🌳

Congratulations, ABR! Another successful introduction of a new cub into the mix.

Happy to hear that the threesome became friends! Maybe through the night, they came to an understanding! Thank you for the update!

Such excitement, drama and now peace...

So happy to hear they are enjoying each other! ❤️🐻🐻🐻

What a great story!

A new day with newly minted friends.

I am they are getting so far♥️♥️

The 3 Bearskateers! ❤️

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