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Appalachian Bear Rescue

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I love that Europeans can hear the curators and know that Southerners aren't bumpkins!!!!!!!

The cubbie show is my favorite thing on Sunday eve. Thank you for showing this at a time we can watch from Europe too!

Hi Janet. You are appreciated for what you do.

So weird to see the the once lively in motion cubs slowed down like this

Wow she’s fast in her climbing abilities!

Did she at least leave a “present” to say thanks for the snack?

We are planning on moving back home when my husband retires in about 10 years so we will have to apply to be volunteers for ABR 😀

She was early Thanksgiving guest

Will the Six Pack all be released at the same time to their respective areas?

Where was Trudi taken to be released? Near your facility? She may come back with all that good food! 😁 ( I think her name was Trudi)

I can't forget him snoring in the tyre bridge.I can't imagine how he sounded...

Hi from Indiana!! Thanks so much for these videos. Hope all at ABR have a great Thanksgiving.

Love this picture of you Janet Dalton

Have you ever had someone put themselves to bed before release date? If so, do you let them sleep through the winter or still evict them?

Will Persimmon bear be given a final check by UT, or have they already discharged her from their care for her injuries?

Wow, how tall bears can stand up!

Curator Coy mentioned in their live broadcast of turning at least one new Cub House into an additional Recovery Center.

They were small so I thought they were some of yours I posted a video on my FB with one of them running in front of us

Janet has ABR heard anything about Ridgeway and Bonnie Blue? When they were returned to N.C. were they part of a study?

Will the sibling group be released together?

Just joined. I hope Persimmon has time to put on some more weight

I've not been on here that much lately.Any bears released this week or last week?

I meant the bears. What do they do when they run into a wild pig. They would be competing for the same food.

Not to be greedy, but any chance the video service will have audio some day? I can just hear that tree rustling!

What are these cub houses going to look like? And what will they be used for? To "trap" a bear? To provide protection? Thanks!

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2 days ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

Facebook Live With Curator Janet. ... See MoreSee Less


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I love the photos you use when you change video. Each one is a blue ribbon winner!

Hard to believe Persimmon is the same bear that came to ABR with concern she might not survive the first night! Thank you for all you do for these sweet babies!

We soooo appreciate your weekend fb live times Janet, and all the bear info you teach us ❤️

One day they’ll look back at this time and say “Remember that place where we had so much to each and a comfy platform where all 6 of us could sleep?”

ABR you all do such a good job getting them back to health. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

she certainly looks different than when she arrived. I remember the hurt in her eyes.

We finally got to go to the education center the other day. Meet some wonderful people at the fundraiser today!

Hello everyone. Love these lives with Curator Janet. I always learn something new.

That scratching peg is very handy. Nice of Curator Tom to put the platform in the right spot for that.

Whoever came up with "Giving Tuesday" was brilliant! After people feel guilty spending ALL their money on Black Friday and CyberMonday they give to a favorite cause to feel better!

In this photo of Persimmon on the "parallel bars" I think she's wondering where her contractor went. Finish my job!!

Always love hearing about the bears! Glad to hear Persimmon is doing well.

I couldn’t do your job, Janet. I’d want to hug all the bears when they’re babies! Not so much when they get that size though.

The leaf sequence was hilarious!!! Donating to ABR is a pleasure.

Thank you. I didn’t see the ear tags on my phone.


Thank you, Curator Janet!

Thank you, Janet. I really appreciate your lives.

I just got on, and I was wondering how the bears reacted when “humans” went into the enclosure to get Trudy Bear.

Thank you Janet. The ornaments on e-Bay our bears?

Thank you Janet.

Would love to see a roaming video cam of the enclosures after the bears leave 😁

Coy & David said that Persimmon was showing then she needed out of the recovery center. What kinds of behavior did she exhibit to alert you that it was time to let her out into the acclimation pen?

What type of things are offered for enrichment of natural bear behavior in the wild for sourcing food? Or is it instinctual?

Thank you Janet! Always love your live posts! Have a wonderful day!

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2 days ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

Don't miss your chance to bid on one of the ornaments in our online auction.
Local artists Deede Edele, Lois Alexander and Robert Tino have created beautiful ornaments of our cubs. The online auction also offers bear ornaments created by the ABR staff.
Please click the link below to see all 11 ornaments that are being auctioned off. Make sure to also stop by our Ornaments of Joy event today until 3pm at Vienna Coffee House in Maryville!

Thank you for your support! ♡
Auction ends TODAY at 5pm (ET).

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I was outbid on every ornament... too bad for me but fabulous for ABR!!! Very happy our bears piggy bank has been filled!

Robert Tino said he’d never painted an ornament before, so the winners will have something totally unique!!

Painting a bear on a sphere, that is

They are all beautiful

Well darn, I got outbid on all of them, BUT I'm glad to see some funds raised for our cubbies!!!

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2 days ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

Our Ornaments of Joy event is underway at Vienna Coffee House in Maryville and the cubs were caught practicing for a spot on the program as Curator Janet's back-up singers. Willow, a natural born leader, attempted to lead cubby choir practice, but quickly became frustrated over the lack of commitment from her chorus-mates. Ruff and Tumble overslept and didn't show up for practice. Persimmon was kicked out for singing with peanuts in her mouth. Piccola and Dash were off practicing an interpretive dance routine (Piccola sings off-key). Eventually hunger overwhelmed them all and they gave up on their pursuit of becoming performers. Curator Janet will have to go it alone.

The “Ornaments of Joy Event” is taking place today from 9 am to 3pm at the Vienna Coffee House in Maryville, TN. For the first time, we’re offering our Facebook friends a chance to participate by bidding on eleven unique, hand-painted Christmas ornaments. The eBay auction ends Saturday, November 17th at 5pm (ET), so please click on the link and place your bids!

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You guys seriously need to consider developing small books, kids books to start the education process about bears, coffee table picture books. They would sell! You certainly have the talent. Love today's post!

Lol 😂You certainly put a smile on my sad face today with this post ! Thank you, God Bless ,you all ! ❤️🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻

Hilarious story from our cub reporter! 😂

We just stopped by and bought an ornament!

I ❤️ ABR! I’m close by...weekend in Smokies (Townsend), headed for ABR store to buy some cubbie stuff!❤️🐻

I loved this post about their singing😂😂❤❤so creative. I can just see it

I sincerely love seeing and reading your daily posts and commentary on the pics. Made my day so much brighter 🤗😍❤️👏🏻🙏🏻

Honestly, I can’t imagine Piccola singing off key.....love love!!!

They didn't make it to "The Gong Show".

So love Willow's initiative...and I just love this whole family! Thank you.

LOL!!! Love this!!!

Love, love, love it❤ thank you for all you do 💛🐻

Thanks for the stories you guys come up wth. Love the singing with peanuts in her mouth. It’s sunshiny here and likely there. Enjoy waiting on those bears “paws and bellies.”

Hmmmm us huuumanns and our poor behaviors are rubbing off on bears.

Awesome thank you so much for all you do

I look forward to these daily updates .... thank you for caring for these babies and yes, I know it will soon be time for them to go back home...will miss them.

hello cubbies! Its snowing here so stay warm.

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Good morning cubbies! Have a fun day!

I can thank FB for throwing this out very late to me, but I have to say its so good for my soul this morning. Maybe it was late for a reason! ❤️🐻🌟💫✨❤️

Looks like they are having a bit of a problem. Lol

Wonderful write up! Thank you ♥️

I agree on the book!! I would buy them all.

Love, love love!!!!❤❤❤


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2 days ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

We wish we were half as resilient as our resident bears. The curators were concerned yesterday’s excitement might make The Six-Pack leery of the Acclimation Pen, but they hadn’t counted on the power of the tummy. The cubs behaved as if Trudi Bear hadn’t invaded their tuff, hadn’t delayed their breakfast and wasn’t responsible for their brief incarceration in the Acclimation Pen. They waddled into the pen looking for snacks, then waddled out looking for more.

Persimmon wandered her enclosure, foraging and napping. So many leaves have fallen from the trees, the enclosure bears little resemblance to the thick jungle of just a few weeks ago. It reminds us that winter approaches and a bear’s thoughts turn to denning. If all goes well, in a few weeks Persimmon and the other cubs will be doing denning back in the wild.

Piccola and Dash were out foraging in the late afternoon sun. The light seemed to set the tree ablaze and the little bears were content to sit near it as if nestled in front of a fireplace, and eat what was in reach.

It was a good day. Thank you. ❤️ 🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻

For the first time, we’re offering our Facebook friends a chance to participate by bidding on eleven unique, hand-painted Christmas ornaments. The eBay auction ends Saturday, November 17th at 5pm (ET). so please click on the link and place your bids!

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Getting ready for the release into the wild, sure going to miss them, they are the highlight of my day

LOL LOL LOL "They waddled into the pen looking for snacks, then waddled out looking for more."

Absolutely love the narrative! They all look wonderful. I will miss them when they start their new life😪Thank you for all you do❤🐻❤

Very glad the chub Cubs are doing so well. I know it's getting time move them out for a new class to move in. They are family. Good job ABR for being the parents you didn't have to be.

The closing of the door while some were in was also a learning lesson, a been there, done that, no biggie thing. I'm sure we are all interested in how the managing of The Six Pack will go. They are awfully funny in their combined bulk,

I'm worry for the two small once who had so much health problems from Car wrecks.Piccola and Dash.

The size of each of the Six-Pack is staggering! 😂😂😂

TrudI Bear 🐻 🙂

Waddled 🤣🤣🤣.....perfect descriptive

A la Freddie Mercury and Queen - “Bismillah! No, we will not let you go! (Let *them* go!) We will not let you go!” Realize it’s impending, but still... bittersweet.

🥜 Can’t resist those goobers 😜

I know y'all have said before that when bears are released together (even though as a rule they're usually not) they usually separate quickly. However I'm assuming Ruff, Tumble and Cherry will be released together since they're siblings. Do the curators expect that they'll den together over the winter, or separate quickly? (Time will tell, I know ... Just wondering what's expected) ☺

Are you trying to get all six of the Six Pack at once? That will be quite the day if they are all released on the same day. Talk about coordination!

Put up my tree yesterday and am enjoying my new ABR bears this year. Though I can’t afford the individual ornaments, my beard purchased via your web site are quite beautiful.

The Christmas balls! Were any pictures on them from the ABR bears? One did look familiar, cub in the tree. All are awesome, hard to pick two.

Having learned a lesson lost on the curators, yesterday, that an intruder bear-especially a 3 year old large healthy one can pack away the bear necessities-um, food. Therefore, the cubs are eating everything in site just in case they have to retreat to the platform again...

Love, love, love the name Trudi Bear. You all have great imaginations.

I know they must go home to where they long to be....free! But oh how I hate to see them go! Hope they find plenty to eat and a den to stay warm and dry. All alone in the big woods is going to be quite an adjustment. Hard on all of us who have grown to love them so! Wishing them happy trails!

I missed the post about Trudy bear. Could someone tell me what happened.

Don’t start that “in a few weeks” back in the wild stuff! Wouldn’t they, in the wild, still be with their mothers? ❤️🐾🐾

Can’t believe all of the are gone.

Thank you!

Those are the fattest cubs yet! Great job of cubby chubby Appalachian Bear Rescue!

Those are some chubby cubbies!

Love them!

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