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Appalachian Bear Rescue

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Apologies for the abrupt ending. Sound wasn't working, so I missed signing off. Thanks for watching today. The last clip was of Magnolia having a running spurt. Thanks for the donations and for supporting our bears! (JD)

Omg Viola and Willow had better rest up. This little guy is gonna bring a lot of mischief to the wild enclosure.

Janet, would you please explain why ABR allows the bears to climb trees? We had a guest come to the education center that does not understand why that is allowed. Thank you.

Bear are very ingenious. Working in National Parks for a few years I've seen them do some amazing things. Especially working in teams.

Wonder what mess he'll get into in the wild enclosure?

They remind me of puppies, kittens, and toddlers. All babies seem to be the same across the animal world!

He is so cute! You guys do great work with these cubs and getting them back to the wild. I have been folowing for a few years and always love the updates.

I bet those girls came by last night and told him how much fun they are having climbing big trees. Now he wants out there with them! Lol

I sure hope he doesn't crouch down in the food wheel bins and get a carousel ride...

Did he take a long nap after this?

Is today their 6 month/18 month birthday?

Was there evidence of a broken limb or branch near Clem when she was found?

This is like watching an old Charlie Chaplin movie

There was a quick photo of either Mags or Bumble and then it went to logo...

Doesn't he look like a human toddler in a bear costume?

Yes, Gail, the main video is over of Bosco and then the girls...

Because bears climb trees? You have to let them acclimate to the real world...

At least we know he is a strong little bear.

I wonder how the girls will accept him.. Viola was so scared of Willow initially

He's trying to make fun however he can get it, LOL

Is he pulling on a tarp from outside? Kinda looks like it..

Good thing the lock is sturdy.

I’m surprised that the tarp isn’t in shreds.😊

Late to the party 😊 Morning everyone !!

This little guy is making my day!

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1 day ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

Facebook Live with Curator Janet. Meet Bosco, our most recent cub to arrive. ... See MoreSee Less


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Bosco seems laidback....maybe he is kin to Bumble B 🐻🐻!

We are coming down next week. Do you have a visitor center?

Janet, your new position (congrats, by the way) isn't going to prevent you from curating is it????? Please say it won't !!!

Did you all have storms yesterday and do the bears stay in the trees or on the ground. I’m hyper sensitive to the tree climbing right now.

Janet, have your heard anything about Apollo Bear from the Cheery-Os?

Are all collars in now, including Apollo's?

Is there ever a chance they could hurt each other after introduction? Or gang up on one?

We did the first Bearly 5K gonna try to do it again this year. I advise all y'all watching to come and do it. It's a fun time.

It appears he’s ready to go exploring outside his pen 😊

Do bear nubbins serve any purpose or are they just vestigial like our tailbones?

Are bears still being released with collars for Coys study?

I didn't catch the answer to the question as to why the yellow ball seems so high in the air...

It's nice to hear your voice and hear how fond you are of them!

Thank You to the Volunteers!

How do you determine how long you guys keep a bear before releasing? I know obviously with an injured bear it would be longer but with Boscoe and Bumble not having injuries what how do you make that decison?

It's very interesting to see their different personalities. Bosco seems much calmer & more laid back than other bears that have been in the recovery area. No stress for him!

Original post said it was clear that his mom was not coming back to him. Can you share any details on how that was determined?

You said bears return “home”. Do they have a set distance that is home, meaning do they roam the stay within a set area or do they move around

How do you determine when it is time to release them? What is the longest time you have a bear and what was the shortest time?

That is definitely true !! Having worked around them in a zoo facility. They do indeed have their individual personalities.

My camera feed keeps halting and then starting again. Is anybody else having this problem or is it just a Georgia thing?

It looks like he really wants to go outside.

- Y'all had said something about he had possible be on his own awhile?

This is so amazing watching the cubs do what they do naturally.

Hi Janet...I love Bosco’s ears❤️🐻!

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2 days ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

After a stormy night in East Tennessee, all bears have been observed; most were sleeping in the trees, with the exception of Bosco who was busy hiding from the the sound of the curator delivering food, and Magnolia who was hiding from the curator as is her usual procedure. She was later observed on camera foraging near her swinging ball. Bosco was given a new enrichment toy with treats hidden inside. Proving he was a smart bear, before the curator left the area, he had already figured out how to turn it to get the treats to fall out.

We're expecting storms again today, so the bears will be laying low. If Bosco has some moments of activity later today, we'll go LIVE and give you an opportunity to observe him. Until then, enjoy pictures of the bears minus Magnolia who refused to be photographed today.
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Bosco seem like a very smart cub. Will be fun to see them interact. I remember in the past the huffing and blowing and ignoring,,,then becoming best friends. Bears are amazing.

Sitting here enjoying your update and pics while sipping coffee out of my just arrived ABR coffee mug.

My hope is that they remain safe through the oncoming storms.

I thought about the cubbies when I saw about the bad storms, glad they were all ok ♥

Glad that there were no bear tragedies with the Bears who took to the trees during the storms we had quite a bit of tree damage here in Central kentucky where I live in Lexington and it was all manner of trees not just small ones not just big ones but all kinds of trees glad all are safe and sound

Had some rough weather here in Georgia, glad to see the bears and curators are ok!

Good job hiding from the curator, cubbt Bosco! That's exactly what a cubby should do. 💖💖💖💖

So glad everyone is safe!!!❤❤❤

Praying all safe tonight. Tree bears ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Thank you for checking in

Smart little cubbies...I love them so much. Bosco is stealing my heart....

Great photos!

Glad all are safe!

Magnolia does NOT like the paparazzi filming or photographing her!! 😂

Glad all is well 💖

Hope they don’t head for the trees during lightning storms!!

I guess you have a diva aka Magnolia in residence.LOL

I thought about you all when the storms came over the mountains to Asheville overnight. It’s odd that we don’t often worry about animals in the wild when storms kick up.

Oh Magnolia 🙄

Magnolia was having a bad hair day.

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3 days ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

Bosco Bear, our recent arrival, is adjusting to life in the Acclimation Pen. He seems to approve of the menu: applesauce (with meds), Mazouri bear diet pellets, blueberries, red grapes and plenty of fresh water. He’s not pacing, climbing the walls or vocalizing, all indicators of anxiety and stress. However, he is curious about the pen and the Wild Enclosure he can see through the fencing. The curators hope he’ll remain calm until he’s finished his course of worm meds. They want to introduce him to Viola and Willow as soon as possible.

While Bosco is adjusting to the pen, Viola and Willow are adjusting to his presence. They can smell “the new cub on the block” and since he’s literally in their backyard, they’ve taken precautions. They spend more time up in trees than they have since their arrival. This is natural bear behavior; once they return to the wild, they’ll have to be wary of other bears, so “when in doubt, climb” is a good rule to follow. The curators scattered some of their food near the Acclimation Pen to encourage them to approach and make Bosco’s acquaintance, but they’re having none of that. We wonder if their curiosity will outweigh their caution. Cubs this age (nearly six months old), are quick to form bonds with other cubs and we hope they will with Bosco.

Neither of the yearlings seems bothered by Bosco’s scent. It could be that he’s far enough away to not seem threatening or it might be they know he’s a cub and is nothing to fear. Magnolia, our Louisiana yearling, took to the “backwoods” of her enclosure. That made it difficult to get photos, but we did capture her lying on her back, yawning and scratching. She’s a beautiful, healthy bear and the curators are very happy with how well she’s doing.

Bumble B. Bear, our male yearling, seemed to determine to show us he’s not a rare fur-bearing porpoise (we had our suspicions). He was on dry land and up in a tree, proof that he is all-bruin. Porpoises aren’t good at climbing trees but black bears are excellent swimmers. Regardless of how reticent cubs are when confronted with The Cubby Pool, they are born ‘water-babies”. Black bears have partially webbed forepaws that aid them in the water, so it’s no surprise Bumble makes the most of it.

Please take a look at our Ebay auction featuring large photos on canvas of Viola, Willow and the late Clementine. If you encounter difficulty with the link, please right-click on it and select “open in a new window”. Thank you for your kindness and support of our mission. ❤️🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻

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You at ABR are really spectacular communicators! You set a good example for other businesses.

Tell me he is named after Don Bosco! 🙂 <3

Lovely pix of the furry little swimmer residents ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻they girls are just being difficult but within no time they will be playing with Bosco 💚🐻🌳. I wonder if Viola still will be the alpha bear or the leader of the pack once Bosco will be introduced to the girls ? 💖🐻🤔🐻🌳🐻🎀

I’m so glad that Bosco is calm and accepting of his new home area!

Bosco has such long legs. Is this unusual?

We are blessed with beautiful bears

Thanks for all you do.

Thank you ABR for the wonderful updates on all the cubbies.Thank you for the beautiful photos of all the cubbies! Soo happy that they're all doing great.Soo happy to see that Bosco is settling in at the Bear Lodge, and isnt having any issues with his cubby neighbors! Lol.Im hoping that Viola, Willow will become cubbie mates with Bosco soon.Soo glad that Bumble B. Bear, Magnolia bear are doing well. Thank you for all your doing for all the cubbies while at the Bear Lodge, lol.😀🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻💚💖💛💙💛💜💚💛💖💙

Bosco is a handsome fellow

Thanks so much for the updates!

Such great photos, love Bumble (aka Water Summit). Glad to see the new baby doing so well!!

What absolute cuties....Thank you for providing a safe, secure environment for them. Everyone there is blessed I'm sure. I feel blessed just entering their little lives via postings...

As always the photos are beautiful. The bears are growing and looking fantastic. ABR you are doing a great job getting them ready to go back to their home in the wild, for this I thank all of you. 🐻🐠🐻

So glad Bosco seems happy

A beautiful Day with beautiful Bears.

As usual this update and pictures are greatly appreciated! ❤️🐻

I don't know how you control yourselves. They are all so darn cute. I just want to hug them all.

Wonderful update , lovely style of writing , very talented writer , thank you for your love and care

Fingers crossed for Bosco Bear remaining calm. Gentle bear hugs.

🤗Another good day at ABR 🙏🏼

Hope they’re all safe from this weather tonight, ABR!

Love, love, love the pics.

Will check out the Ebay page.😀

Always exciting to have a new neighbor!

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