Bears, whether young or old, don’t like wind because it interferes with their ability to hear sounds and to smell smells. Even so, on windy days like this, the yearlings scurry up trees where they feel safest.

We’d never see HRH Rover if it weren’t for the arrow!

He came down from the tree to grab some food.

Townie braved the wind to do some foraging.

He didn’t stay down long, before scooting up the tree again.

Rover and Townsend are next-door-neighbors. They can see each other if they go up their trees, but we don’t know if they bother to look.

Peppermint raked a bed for herself on the ground.

It was good to see them sleep on the ground, but after a while they climbed up a tree to finish their slumber.

Nettles came down to the platform, just to show how good she looks!

Lovey is still on antibiotics as he recovers from his dental surgery, but he is doing well.