We have our fingers crossed for wee little Doodlebug Bear. She is not gaining weight as she should, although she seems to be holding her own, at least for now.

Doodlebug still likes to lie on top of her Cub Cave.

Curators Reagan and Bailey had to give her subcutaneous fluids to prevent dehydration as well as an injection of thiamine.

ABR is doing our best for this fragile little bear cub.

Look at the clean room in Hartley House, where the two rowdy male cubs are living! It probably won’t stay clean for long.

Thumper, who is a little larger than his roommate, tried to dislodge the bowl of formula.

He really worked at it!


Oh well, Thumper just walked through the spill. He’s not one to cry over spilt milk!

Instead, Thumper simply licked it up! Meanwhile, Flapjack is trying to wreck the bed.

The two cubs are united in play as they tackle a large Kong toy.

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