On May 5 (aka Cinco de Mayo) TWRA called to say they had an orphaned cub in Polk County, so Matt, our Operations Director, went to receive the cub and take it to UTCVM. Exec. Director Dana and Curator Bailey were already there, with Doodlebug, who had gone to have testing for her mobility problems. Bailey took Doodlebug back to ABR and prepared a place for the new arrival, but it turned out there were not one, but two cubs (siblings). Dana went back to Polk Co. to meet the officers while Bailey and  Matt fed all the others. Busy Day! And now we have 9 bears!

Bears #375 and 376 – named Tamale and Burrito, in honor of Cinco de Mayo! Ole!

UTCVM will have the results of Doodlebug’s tests this week. Keep your fingers crossed, and say a little prayer for her.