Two More Cubs – #236 and #237!

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At Appalachian Bear Rescue, the New Year came in with a bang!  On December 30, we received Cub #236 nicknamed Milo Bear and on December 31, Cub #237 nicknamed Happy Bear was admitted.  Both cubs are males, and both are very much underweight for their age of eleven months.  We have a few photos to share of their exams at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.  First, Milo.


Milo Bear on the exam table at UT.  He had been hanging around a farm for a while.

Milo Bear weighed just 12.1 pounds, a normal weight for cub half his age.  He was prescribed worm medicine and antibiotics, and a small wound was sutured.

Milo is checked

Dr. Sullivan and the team of vets checked the cub.

When Milo Bear went back to ABR, he was placed in The Cub House.

We have a few more photos of the exam process for Happy Bear on New Year’s Eve.

Happy Bear

Happy Bear on the table.

Happy Bear weighed just 13.2 pounds, much below what a normal cub his age should weigh.  He was found to have a very low body temperature and to be anemic.

Happy is checked

Dr. Sullivan checks Happy Bear.

He was warmed with blankets and a device that blows warm air under the blankets.


Happy is warmed.

When Happy Bear reached ABR, he was introduced to the heated Cub Nursery where he will stay until he is better.

Happy in Nue

Happy enters the Cub Nursery.

The curators will keep close watch on these two fragile cubs, as well as little Zellie Bear.  These three orphans are very needy and will require careful monitoring for a time.