Two Growing Bears

Both Tartan, our yearling, and Taco, our COY (Cub of the Year) are eating well and growing like weeds (or should we say, like bears?) Out in the wild enclosure, Tartan Bear finds all the tasty and nutritious foods that the curators throw over the fence for him. He is a very good forager!

Tartan is looking good, though he still has some winter fur that he needs to get rid of.

He still likes to get wet in his drinking tub, although he almost doesn’t fit now!

Meanwhile, Taco Bear zooms around his rooms in the Hartley House like a small tornado. It’s hard to capture him on the camera because he’s constantly in motion.

There is Taco, peeking out from his climbing structure for a few moments of relative stillness.

Like a human toddler, Taco is teething and chews on everything!

You may be interested in learning about the contrasts between American black bears (like Tartan and Taco) and the brown or grizzly bears who also live in the US, though in a different part of the country. Brown bears’ habitat is in the western US: in Alaska and the Rocky Mountain states primarily. In coordination with the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, a program is being presented that is free to attend for anyone who is interested.

This should be a very interesting and educational presentation.

Since the program will be recorded, you probably can view it later, at a time that is convenient for you. Check it out!

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